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Watch the TCEQ meeting June 6/30/10

The TCEQ discussed water quality issues at 9:30 am in the Commissioners Meeting Room Wednesday, June 30th.

June 1, 2009

Study finds climate change boosts Tex storm flood risk


Mercury mystery in state waters

Fish species aren't equally affected by the heavy metal. And some lakes feel it more.


On an early spring morning, Robert Gong cast his line into Carter Lake even though he knew of the toxic danger beneath the surface.

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UN urges world to tackle mercury health threat

Sunday, February 15, 2009
AFP, Nairobi
Daily Star in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on Sunday urged environment ministers meeting this week in Nairobi to adopt a strategy to curb the use of the highly toxic metal mercury.
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Feds to order mercury control at cement plants

January 17, 2009
After fighting the idea for nearly a decade in court, the Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to regulate toxic mercury emissions from existing cement plants.

The agreement announced Friday gives the EPA until March to come up with regulations to limit emissions from the more than 100 cement kilns around the country. There are 10 in Texas including two in San Antonio and two in New Braunfels, according to the EPA.

"This is certainly a step in the right direction," said attorney Jim Pew, who represented the environmental group Earthjustice, one of the plaintiffs in the case. "We want to see some really protective mercury standards."


Energy Watch: Ruling could disrupt plans for new coal plants nationwide

coal plant polution

Clean energy advocates are celebrating a decision by an Environmental Protection Agency appeals board requiring the consideration of greenhouse gas emissions in the licensing of a new coal-fired power plant in Utah. Read more...

Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars

Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars Narrated by Robert Redford and produced by The Redford Center at the Sundance Preserve and Alpheus Media, FIGHTING GOLIATH: TEXAS COAL WARS follows the story of Texans fighting a high-stakes battle for clean air. The film introduces the unlikely partners-mayors, ranchers, CEOs, community groups, legislators, lawyers, and citizens-that have come together to oppose the construction of 19 conventional coal-fired power plants that were slated to be built in Eastern and Central Texas and that were being fast-tracked by the Governor.

Study links autism risk to distance from power plants, other mercury-releasing sources

SAN ANTONIO (April 24, 2008)- How do mercury emissions affect pregnant mothers, the unborn and toddlers? Do the level of emissions impact autism rates? Does it matter whether a mercury-emitting source is 10 miles away from families versus 20 miles? Is the risk of autism greater for children who live closer to the pollution source? Read more on the study by UT Health Science Center...


Toxic Mercury Pollution:
Texas leads the nation in toxic power plant mercury pollution! Learn More:

Fishing for Trouble - new report by Clear the Air
Texas leads the nation in mercury pollution from coal plants... Learn more here!

New Report
Fair Warning: Why Grocery Stores Should Tell Parents About Mercury in Fish Adobe pdf file

Dirty Air, Dirty Power
New report shows deaths, heart attacks and lung cancer linked to power plant pollution.

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